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"I told Jenny I wanted more confidence. In my coaching session, I found out why I felt blocked. I unexpectedly remembered something that happened to me when I was eight years old. That one event had stayed in my subconscious all this time, preventing me from feeling confident!

With Jenny's help, that block was removed in a single session! It's like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. Now I feel lighter and more myself with other people."

"I was constantly re-experiencing the pain of my childhood. With subconscious communication, Jenny showed me how I could help the child part of me, defend her, and introduce new outcomes that empower me in my life today.

I no longer have painful memories or dreams. It seems like a miracle - but as Jenny told me, the subconscious accepts these guided imagery experiences as real, can't tell the difference. The result is that the pain of my past has paled and become more distant. It doesn't bother me any more."

Welcome to my website! I am passionate about helping you to communicate more clearly and effectively, with caring and intention - in your personal relationships and professional life.
Your subconscious holds the key to your success!

We are wired to connect.

People "hear" your body language and nonverbal signals louder than your words. You constantly send signals through your body language, voice tone, gestures and expressions.

If your words are saying one thing, and your body language is saying the opposite, your words are going to lose. Without even knowing why, people will believe your signals, not your words.

For business people who aren't aware of the signals they send, even a well-prepared presentation will fizzle rather than fly. If you're mumbling, shifting nervously back and forth and crossing your arms, you're unconsciously sending the nonverbal message that you don't want to connect.

You may ask, Can body language and nonverbal messages really influence whether people like you or accept your ideas? You bet they do.

Aligning your intention, words and body language is crucial to delivering your message effectively, whether it is in your professional or personal life.

Get Smarter and More Creative.

  • Do you wish you could be more confident?
  • Want to say goodbye to inner blocks and freely express your deepest strengths and creativity?
  • Ever wonder what communication signals you're missing?

Your subconscious mind influences and filters the way you feel, how you respond to situations and people, and what you believe you can accomplish.

When you feel stuck reliving a past problem or relationship, it is a sign that there is something important you still need to become aware of. Sometimes this same message comes in disturbing dreams or being stuck in a worry loop.

You can quickly identify and resolve problems by using the intelligence your subconscious offers. By going deeper than words, into the language of images and feelings, you will use the power of subconscious communication to get fresh insights and new information. Your increased awareness helps you to recognize patters and solve problems in ways your conscious mind cannot.

Because your subconscious is closely tied to your physiology, you will find that shifts in your subconscious imagery and feelings give you immediate results in terms of greater comfort, confidence, and vitality.

  • Do you feel stuck in the past, reliving an old problem or relationship over and over?
  • Do you suffer from exhausting worries or disturbing dreams?

Turn your greatest obstacle into your most powerful ally.
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